My Story

A Few Words About Me

Most people know me by my middle name, Salim, which means “peace”.  In many ways, my personality embodies this meaning.  I am modest, keep a small circle of friends, am introspective, analytical, yet very competitive. I appreciate the small and simple things in life.  Overall, I want people to remember me as a good and kind person.
I have never been one to seek the spotlight, but my God given gift is Basketball, and it has allowed me to reach the pinnacles of success in both the collegiate and professional ranks.  With this being said, many times my expressions on the court have been misconstrued. I love the game of Basketball so much that the importance of filtering my emotions did not occur to me until much later in life. Oftentimes, my expressions were self- directed and stemmed from my pursuit to perform at my highest level, and inspire my team to win.

A major life lesson I have learned through my journey is how important it is to give back.  Once an individual has figured out his/her calling or Universal gift, it is important to recognize it as a blessing.  Giving back will eventually help us realize that we are one big human family and interdependent on one another, which will eventually lead us all to peace.


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